The dissolution of any marriage or partnership raises a plethora of issues. When children are involved, the resulting issues are even more complex as custody (known as conservatorship in Texas), visitation (known as possession in Texas) and child support issues come to the forefront. Texas Courts tend to favor joint custody or joint conservatorship unless proven otherwise.

A Parent going through a divorce in Texas must submit to the court a detailed document known as a Parenting Plan. This plan must be submitted with both parties in agreement.  If the parties cannot come to an agreement, the court will intervene to make a decision on custody based on various factors, including:

The Financial Ability of each Parent.
The Relationship between the Parent and the Child and Siblings, if any.
The age, physical and mental health, stability and character of the parents.
The preferences of the child, if the court determines the the child is physically and mentally mature.
Evidence of domestic Violence, Abuse or Neglect.
And other relevant factors.

To ensure that a fair arrangement, based upon the children’s best interests, is reached, you should contact a knowledgeable family lawyer.

Our law firm routinely handles child custody cases and can help to determine the best custody arrangement for you and your children. We will review all statutory factors related to your case, identify the children’s preferences, if applicable, and explain how these factors and preferences will impact your specific case and family situation. Considering these factors, our family lawyers will work with you to devise a plan of custody for your children.

Our law firm will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome while preserving your parental rights and protecting your children’s best interests.

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